FYI…  The numbering of files, on my camera, lapped.  We started at 9953, the first few you see are actually from the end of the day….

Also, 9955 is the one that I did a quick “edit” on and posted.  If you like one or two or three, etc of the others from that series, that’s all good.

The gallery images are square crops of the full image, so click on the photo to see the entire photo.

Click on Select for the photos that you want to see in a “finished” edit/touchup.  These are not cropped or adjusted in any way, so ignore over-bright or dark photos, I can adjust those if you like them.

One thought on “Hava-2015

  1. I picked 14 pictures…………. I have problems They are ALL of beautiful.


    sorry it took me so long to get around to this. been crazy. got fired.. still looking for a new job.


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