DHDC Graffiti Art Auction

Recently, I was given the opportunity to shoot photos of graffiti artists painting on a “legal wall”.  As in, the owner gave them permission.

Come to find out, this was part of a fundraiser silent auction to send Southwest Detroit kids to a nature camp.  With the cuts in funding, both city and state cuts, for such non-profit local organizations, this was there attempt to raise the extra money needed.  In return for a spot on the wall, the artists had to donate a piece of art to the auction.

There were many local graffiti artists as well as some from out of town.  All were more than happy to have the opportunity to paint a spot, and take there time, to make it look like they wanted it to look.

After chatting with one of the organizers, the local graffiti artist that paints “LOAF”, I learned so much more about the organization and the people that worked within the walls that were being painted.

Turned out this was at the Detroit Hispanic Development Corporation.  They were instrumental in saving “LOAF” from a life in gangs…

Here is a video that explains just what they do for the local community:

After learning about what they do, and the purpose of the auction and wall painting, I donated a stack of prints, a canvas print, and a mounted print.

Hope they raised enough to send the kids to camp…












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