Detroit Fireworks 2013

Fireworks shows…  I’ve never had a chance to shoot them.  Either wasn’t able to attend, or didn’t bring the right camera gear (wrong lens, or forgot the tripod, etc).

But this time!!!…  I had the opportunity to shoot the Detroit Fireworks from the roof of one of the abandoned Brewster Projects buildings.  It sits along side the I-75 freeway, across from Ford Field and Comerica Park.  Looking right at the Renaissance Center, which served as a great forefront to the fireworks show.

There had to have been at least 40 people on the roof of this abandoned building!  All for the same reason…  The vantage point and view for the fireworks show was spectacular!  The edge of the roof was lined with tripods and cameras.

So, let’s get ready…  I set up my tripod, grab my camera to adjust height and angle of the tripod…  WHAT! I forgot to get the tripod mount that screws onto the bottom of the camera!!!  I panic…  of course, no one has an extra tripod mount on them…  Out of desperation, I check my bag – a roll of electrical tape!!   So… I use the tape to strap the camera onto the tripod mount, making sure I could access settings adjustments, even covered up some of the LCD screen, oh well, BUT…  it worked!!!  It did take quite a why to cut off the tape, though.   But, I think it was worth it…








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